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Watched the Tony's tonight. They were on last night but we had the… - The musings of a Broadway Diva

Jun. 12th, 2007

12:49 am

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Watched the Tony's tonight. They were on last night but we had the big party after Jamie's eagle award court that went kind of late. And then Trini stayed over and we drank champagne and giggled till 2am. And showed my mom "Candy Mountain" and freaked her out.

Kind of disappointed by the musical choices of the Tony's this year. Spring Awakening looks stupid. Yes, lets mix rock-pop music with a story of the sexual awakenings of teenagers in 1870s Germany, wtf? I'm not even sure if that's what its about, but thats the gist I'm getting. And it won all the awards. Whatever, give me a good old fashioned musical with great musical numbers, elaborate costumes and sets, choreography, stars, etc. That's what Broadway is all about. Grey Gardens looked intersting. Curtains looked like it could be fun. Nothing really that I would run out and see though. I am excited for Mary Poppins in London though!!!! One of my favorite movies and it should translate great to the stage. And Richard Sherman is my close personal friend. I'm excited for Billy Elliot and Spamalot too. But I get excited for just about any musical theater, cause I'm just a freak like that.

A Chorus Line didn't win best revival, kind of surprising. Especially after all they did performing at the beginning of the show, and how they brought out Marvin Hamlisch and everything. But people love their Sondheim so Company won. Angela Lansburry was super cute on the show too, she's awesome. I was disappointed that Hugh Jackman wasn't hosting. Instead we had about a zillion commercials for his new TV show Viva Laughlin. I will probably watch it since he's in it. It was filmed at the Morongo too, which is amusing.

Oh, on the Europe front, my birthday will be spent in the lovely city of Le Puy, France. We may not actually do laundry that day, which is nice. This city is known for some volcanic rocks, as the stepping off place for a religious pilgramige (sp?) to Spain and it's cabbage and lentils (yum). A festival of Latin (wtf?) music is kicking off on my birthday as well. Goody, its shaping up to be a swell birthday! There is a bar called Harry's Bar though. Maybe I'll just drink all day, LOL.

Work is a bitch. No manager still. I'm still the only one who know anything about the paperwork. I've been working on our financials the last three days in between helping customers and watching over our new employees. I hope I didn't mess them up. But really, the fact that a part time 20 year old employee who is essentially a seasonal hire is doing their financial statements is MESSED UP! Yes, I've been there on and off for 3 years but still, damn. I have tomorrow off though, thank god. Then a half day on Wednesday and then I'm in charge for like 3 days straight when Carol goes to Sacramento.

But instead I get to take a really exciting trip to the DMV. Wow, life doesn't get any more exciting than that.

I'm hungry. But I don't want another of those croissant sandwiches from Jamie's party, I'm so sick of them.

And now our cable has gone out. I think this is a sign from the gods that I need to go to bed. Not that I actually will since I love to stay up way later than I should and end up tired all the time. I need to put my brain to rest.

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